Samsung UN60J6300 vs UN60H6350 Review

Full HD Resolution still continues to be popular choices among TV consumers. That’s way Samsung is still releasing new model for its 60-Inch Smart TV. In 2015, Samsung introduce Samsung JU6300 model as replacement of the older H6350 model from 2014 lineup. One of the size variant of Samsung JU6300 is Samsung UN60J6300 that comes with 60-Inch screen size. Samsung UN60J6300 is considered as newer model of Samsung UN60H6350. As the newer model, there’re some improvement installed on Samsung UN60J6300. What’s the improvement that you can find on that TV model? Please proceed with reading this review to know more about Samsung UN60J6300 and Samsung UN60H6350 and what’s the improvements on the new model.

Samsung UN60J6300 Short Review

Samsung UN60J6300

Samsung UN60J6300

Samsung UN60J6300 is the top choice that you can find if you are looking for 60-Inch Smart Full HD TV from Samsung’s 2015 TV lineup. Samsung is not releasing any newer model for its older H7150 so Samsung UN60J6300 from J6300 model as the newer model of Samsung H6350 becomes the top choices for Full HD Smart TV. Samsung UN60J6300 is introduced with almost the same technology as the older Samsung UN60H6350. It’s using the same wide color enhancer to deliver wider color spectrum on your TV screen. It’s also completed with the same refresh rate technology base that called Motion Rate 120 (that was Clear Motion Rate 240). Additionally Samsung is installing Micro Dimming Pro technology that was only installed on H7150 model. With Micro Dimming Pro, you can enjoy more vibrant color contrast on your TV screen. Samsun UN60J6300 is also coming with the new Smart TV platform that using Tizen as Its OS. Read More Samsung UN60J6300 Customers’ Reviews…

Samsung UN60H6350 Short Review

Samsung UN60H6350

Samsung UN60H6350

Samsung UN60H6350 is released as part of popular Samsung H6350 model. Samsung H6350 model is the bestselling Smart Full HD model from Samsung’s 2014 TV lineup. It’s not the top model for Smart Full HD TV from 2014 TV lineup. You can find Samsung H7150 and H6400 as the better model above it. But We should say that Samsung UN60H6350 meets most people expectation for Smart Full HD TV that’s way It’s replaced with J6300 in 2015 lineup. What’s inside Samsung UN60H6350? It mainly consist of Wide Color Enhancer technology as its picture quality technology, Clear Motion Rate 240 as its refresh rate technology (equal to Motion Rate 120 as the new standard) and 2014 Samsung Smart TV as its Smart TV platform. As one of the most popular TV model of 2014 Samsung H6350 model or especially Samsung UN60H6350 is getting excellent customers’ feedbacks. Read More Samsung UN60H6350 Customers’ Reviews…

Samsung UN60J6300 vs UN60H6350 : Specs Table

Samsung UN60J6300 Samsung UN60H6350
Released April 2015 March 2014
Size of Screen 60-inch 60-inch
Resolution 1080p Full HD 1080p Full HD
Refresh Rate Motion Rate 120 Clear Motion Rate 240
Backlight LED LED
Wide Color Enhancer YES YES
Micro Dimming Pro YES NO
Smart TV Platform 2015 Samsung Smart TV 2014 Samsung Smart TV
Remote Control Standard Remote Standard Remote
3D Feature NO NO
Built-In Wi-Fi YES YES
USB/HDMI 4/3 4/3
Price Check Best Price Check Best Price


What’s the Improvement?

1. Micro Dimming Pro

As previous model Samsung H6350, Samsung UN60J6300 is completed with Wide Color Enhancer technology to bring wider color spectrum on its screen. But on the new model Samsung J6300, You can find additional micro Dimming Pro technology installed on it. What’s micro Dimming Pro? It’s a technology that used to be installed on the older H7150 model that bring true-to-life picture quality with darker blacks and brighter whites. Micro Dimming Pro is also able to eliminate image distortion and hello effect that sometime happen on the LED screen.

2. 2015 Samsung Smart TV

Samsung is introducing the new Smart TV platform. It’s powered by Tizen OS as its new platform. What’s the special thing about the new Smart TV platform that usually called 2015 Samsung Smart TV? With the new Tizen OS, you can enjoy more smart functions on your TV as more apps is able to be run on Tizen OS. The new Samsung Smart TV also comes with nicer interface design and faster apps response.

3. Dolby MS11

There’s a little improvement on the sound system as well. The new Samsung UN60J6300 is using Dolby MS11, while Samsung UN60H6350 still use the older Dolby MS10. Although the difference is not significant, but if you are audio enthusiast, you can still can see that Dolby MS11 is still better audio for your TV.

Samsung UN60J6300 vs UN60H6350: Summary

Samsung UN60J6300 is the newer model with improvement especially on picture quality and smart TV platform. It brings more vibrant color contrast with the new Micro Dimming Pro installed on it. It’s also able to run more Smart functions as the new Tizen based Smart TV platform allow you to run more smart Apps on the TV platform. Samsung UN60J6300 is also better with its audio as it’s completed with the new Dolby MS11. So It’s surely the better choice for 60-Inch Smart Full HD TV than the older Samsung UN60H6350. Order Samsung UN60J6300 Here

Samsung UN60H6350 is the older model that already backed up with excellent customers’ reviews. Although It’s not completed with Micro Dimming Pro and use older Smart TV platform, but It still can deliver excellent picture quality and Smart Entertainment without any problems. If you can find Samsung UN60H6350 at the lower price than Samsung UN60J6300, then you can still consider to choose the older Samsung UN60H6350. Order Samsung UN60H6350 Here

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