LG 42LF5800 vs 42LF5600 Similarities & Differences

Although People tend to upgrade their home TV to the larger screen size one, but smaller screen TVs are still popular too since not all people have the room to watch large screen TV. One of the popular choice is 42-Inch screen size that used by the new models from LG’s 2015 lineup, LG 42LF5800 and LG 42LF5600. As the midde and lower model from LG, you can find that there’re some similarities and differences between those two models. What’s their similarities and differences? This article try to explain that for you so that you can be sure about your choice for 42-Inch smart Full HD TV.


LG 42LF5800

LG 42LF5800

When talking about LG 42LF5800 and 42LF5600, We are talking smaller screen size Full HD TV. They are ideal to be placed on the smaller living room or larger bedroom and other rooms at home. Here are the similarities that you can find on those two TVs.

1. Picture Resolution

LG 42LF5800 and LG 42LF5600 are both introduced by LG with 1080p Full HD picture resolution. Full HD TV become rarer nowadays with more new TV released with 4K UHD resolution. But to be realistic, We should also notice that most of the contents available today are mostly still in HD format. So you can go ahead with Full HD TV and watch most of the contents without any problems.

2. Picture Technology

The key technology that powered both LG 42LF5800 and 42LF5600 is triple XD Engine. Triple XD Engine is the technology that developed by LG to deliver sharp image details on its LED screen. On this case, LG 42LF5800 and LG 42LF5600 are used Triple XD Engine in combination with direct LED backlight. You can be sure to get sharp image details on the screen with Full HD resolution.

3. Refresh Rate Technology

Maybe you are asking whether refresh rate is important. It’s quite important to deliver smooth fast motion images especially when you are dealing with fast action movies and sports. Both of 42LF5800 and 42LF5600 use 60Hz refresh rate that’s enough to deliver smooth fast action movies and sports and standard action games. But you can maybe notice a little motion blur when you use those two TVs to play extreme action games.

4. Sound Quality

2Ch 20W speaker system is installed on both of LG 42LF5800 and LG 42LF5600. Is it able to deliver good sound quality? For most consumers, It’s enough. But if you have high taste in Audio, then you don’t have to worry as you can add additional soundbar on both of those TVs.

5. Remote Control

We all know that LG have used magic remote these few last years. But unfortunately, you can’t find magic remote on both of LG 42LF5800 and 42LF5600. But don’t worry about that since standard remote is enough to help you control most aspects of the TVs.

We can summarize the similarities between those two TVs with the table below

LG 42LF5800 LG 42LF5600
Introduced March 2015 March 2015
Screen Size 42-inch 42-inch
Resolution 1080p Full HD 1080p Full HD
Backlight Direct LED Direct LED
Picture Engine Triple XD Triple XD
Refresh Rate 60Hz 60Hz
3D Feature NO NO
Remote Control Standard Remote Standard Remote
Speaker System 2Ch 20W 2Ch 20W



LG 42LF5600

LG 42LF5600

Besides those similarities, You can also find differences between those two TVs. The main differences between them the two TVs are the Smart TV platform and built-in wifi. There’s a consequence of price difference as well between them. Let’s check them in details

1. Smart TV platform

Nowadays, You have the option to enjoy your favorite entertainment using streaming services that usually called by Smart services using Smart TV platform. But I’m quite sure that there’re a lot of customers that prefer to purchase plain TV without any smart TV platform as they want to use cable and satellites services instead of streaming services. That’s way LG introduced LG 42LF5800 and LG 42LF5600. LG 42LF5800 is completed with Smart TV platform, while LG 42LF5600 is plain TV without any Smart TV platform. If you are looking for 42-Inch TV just for Gaming Monitor, then for sure you can go with LG 42LF5600.

2. Built-in Wifi

In line with the streaming ability, LG 42LF5800 that comes with Smart TV platform is completed with Built-in wifi. With built-in wifi, you can easily connect to your favorite content providers. While LG 42LF5600 is not completed with any built-in wifi since It’s not using any Smart TV platform. So We can simply say that no smart TV platform then no built-in wifi, while Smart TV platform means built-in wifi installed on the TV as well.

3. HDMI/USB Inputs

LG 42LF5800 comes with more HDMI/USB, while LG 42LF5600 only comes with limited numbers of HDMI/USB. With only 2 HDMI and 1 USB, you can only have limited number of devices that can be connected to LG 42LF5600 at the same time. While with 3 HDMI and 3 USB, you can connect more devices to LG 42LF5800 at the same time.

4. Price

LG 42LF5800 and LG 42LF5600 are positioned as the entry level Smart TV and non Smart TV. As they are positioned differently, They are also priced at different price. LG 42LF5800 is priced at around $60-$100 more expensive than LG 42LF5600. With more expensive price, you can get additional standard Smart TV platform with built-in wifi and more HDMI/USB inputs on LG 42LF5800. But in the other aspects such as picture quality and sound there’s no difference between LG 42LF5800 and 42LF5600.

From the explanation above, We can conclude the differences between those two TVs on the table below

LG 42LF5800 LG 42LF5600
Smart TV Platform YES NO
Built-in Wifi YES NO
HDMI/USB 3/3 2/1

+/- $60-100 higher

Check Best Price

+/- $60-100 lower

Check Best Price

Customer Perspective about LG 42LF5800 vs 42LF5600

One of the important factor to consider when you are about to buy TV is customer reviews. LG 42LF5800 is getting excellent feedback since the time It was released by LG. The customers are highly appreciated the stunning picture quality and easy to set up Smart TV platform. There’s a little home from customer that the remote is designed better although the remote is working properly without any problems. Read More about LG 42LF5800 customer comments…

So in the other hand, what the customers said about LG 42LF5600? The customers mostly talk about the brilliant Full HD picture quality with good sound quality. There’s a little complain about the TV stand and mount that needs to be assembled and installed carefully. Are you eager to know more about LG 42LF5600 Customers reviews? You can proceed to read more about their comments here…

Which One to Purchase?

When you are about to make a choice, then the choice is quite simple between the LG 42LF5800 that comes with Smart TV platform (non WebOS) and built-in wifi as well as more HDMI and USB inputs, or LG 42LF5600 that comes without any Smart TV platform and less HDMI/USB inputs. If you need Smart TV platform or simply you love to watch your favorite entertainment by streaming it then you should go with LG 42LF5800 that comes with Smart TV platform. It’s indeed more expensive in price but It’s not that significant compared to the additional Smart TV platform that installed on it. Where to Buy? I recommend to buy LG 42LF5800 here…

LG 42LF5600 is a close alternative to LG 42LF5800. It’s simply the same TV in term of picture quality and sound quality. If you don’t need Smart TV platform on your new 42-Inch LED TV for some reason such as just need TV for gaming monitor, then LG 42LF5600 is the perfect choice to consider since you can also save some money by choosing LG 42LF5600. Order LG 42LF5600 at the best deal here…

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