Samsung UN50J6300 vs UN50J6200 : Which One is For You?

As the technology have advanced from 1080p Full HD resolution TV into 4K UHD resolution TV, you can see more limited number of TVs that introduced with 1080p Full HD resolution. Two of the limited choices from 2015 lineup are Samsung UN50J6300 and UN50J6200 for 50-Inch Smart Full HD TV. There’re several similarities that you can find between Samsung UN50J630 and UN50J6200 that sometimes make you confused on choosing which of those TVs is perfect choice for your home. So let me talk about the similar and difference aspects of UN50J6300 and UN50J6200 so that you can decide which of those TVs is more suitable for your home.

Samsung UN50J6300 vs UN50J6200 Similarities and Differences Table

Before We move forward, You can take a look at the table below to see how Samsung UN50J6300 compared with UN50J6200

Samsung UN50J6300 Samsung UN50J6200
Screen Size 50-inch 50-inch
Resolution 1080p Full HD 1080p Full HD
Backlight LED LED
Wide Color Enhancer YES YES
Refresh Rate Motion Rate 120 Motion Rate 120
Smart Platform 2015 Samsung Smart TV 2015 Samsung Smart TV
Remote Control Standard Remote Standard Remote
Built-in Wifi YES YES
Micro Dimming Pro YES NO
Quad-Core Processor YES NO
Speaker System 2Ch 20W Dolby MS11 2Ch 20W Dolby MS10
HDMI/USB 4/3 2/2

+/$100 Higher

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+/-$100 lower

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Similarities of Samsung UN50J6300 and UN50J6200

As near models, UN50J6300 and UN50J6200 have mostly the same aspects. What’s their similar aspects? Let’s see that together.

1. Picture Resolution

UN50J6300 and UN50J6200 are both using 1080p Full HD picture resolution. We all know that newer model for Full HD TV becomes rarer nowadays. So when you still consider Full HD resolution on your new TV, then you can consider both of UN50J6300 and UN50J6200 when you think 50-Inch screen size is the perfect size for your home entertainment.

2. Refresh Rate Technology

Both of UN50J6300 and UN50J6200 are completed with Motion Rate 120. Motion Rate itself is the measurement developed by Samsung to Measure how smooth is the fast action images delivered on the TV screen. What Motion Rate 120 means? It basically means that you can enjoy most of your favorite fast action movies and sports with less motion blur. You can also play most of your favorite casual games with smooth fast motion images.

Samsung UN50J6300

Samsung UN50J6300

3. Smart TV Platform

Samsung release its new version of Samsung Smart TV that often simply called 2015 Samsung Smart TV. What’s the special thing about 2015 Samsung Smart TV? It’s using the new Tizen OS. Tizen OS is a major upgrade to the older Samsung Smart TV as you can run more Smart Apps on your TV using the Smart Tizen Apps. With Tizen OS, you can have more choices on what Smart function that you want to run on your TV screen.

4. Wide Color Enhancer

Wide Color Enhancer is one of the basic technology of Samsung that bring wider color spectrum to your screen. It’s technology that have used for few years by Samsung to deliver true-to-life color quality on its HDTV. This technology is still used on both UN50J6300 and UN50J6200 and is able to deliver beautiful color details on both of those TVs.


Samsung UN50J6300 and UN50J6200 Differences

Besides similar aspects, there’re also few differences between UN50J6300 and UN50J6200. This is a little explanations about their differences

Samsung UN50J6200

Samsung UN50J6200

1. Micro Dimming Pro

Samsung equip its new UN50J6300 with micro dimming pro, while UN50J6200 is not completed with Micro Dimming Pro. Micro Dimming Pro itself is technology that used by the top flat HDTV model of 2014, H7150 model. Micro Dimming Pro bring more vibrant color contrast with darker blacks and brighter whites in Full HD screen resolution.

2. Quad-Core Processor

Samsung UN50J6300 is a step better on the processing side as it’s completed with quad-core processor, while UN50J6200 is not completed with any quad-core processor. With quad-core processor that installed on the UN50J6300, you can get faster processing time when you are dealing with heavy apps or running multi-tasking processor on your TV.

3. Additional Features

Although most of the features available on UN50J6300 are also available on UN50J6200, but you can find some features that are not available on UN50J6200. You can notice that some smaller features such as bluetooth and TV to mobile are available on UN50J6300 but you can’t find on UN50J6200.

4. Price

Are you in tight budget for your 50-Inch Smart TV? If You are not, then you can skip this. But when you are in tight budget, then you should consider the price. Samsung UN50J6200 is commonly around $100 cheaper than UN50J6300. So when you think Micro Dimming Pro, Quad-core processor and the additional features such as bluetooth and TV to mobile is not worth the additional $100 then you can go with the cheaper UN50J6200.

Which One is For You?

When talking about UN50J6300 and UN50J6200, We should talk about your expectation to your 50-Inch Smart Full HD TV. If you are expecting higher contrast details, faster apps process and more complete additional features such as USB and TV to Mobile then you should consider UN50J6300 as your choice. You have to spend around $100 more but overall It’s worth the price difference. How the customers rate Samsung UN50J6300? Most of them rate Samsung UN50J6300 with excellent rating. They are talking about excellent picture quality although some of calibration needed to get optimal picture quality. Read more about Samsung UN50J6300 customers reviews here if you are eager to know why Samsung UN50J6300 is getting excellent feedback from its customers.

Samsung UN50J6200 comes as alternative choice of UN50J6300, just like Samsung UN50H6203 that comes as alternative choice of Samsung UN50H6350. Samsung UN50J6200 comes with more affordable price but still can deliver almost the same level of picture quality and entertainment although without micro dimming pro and quad-core processor, you can sometime experience less vibrant color contrast and slower processing time. But overall, Samsung UN50J6200 is still an excellent choice for $100 less in price. It’s proved by excellent customers reviews that talk about beautiful picture quality with relatively easy to set up. If you are interested in Samsung UN50J6200 but not yet ready to purchase one, then maybe you have to read more Samsung UN50J6200 customers’ reviews here.

Recommended Place To Order

If you are asking about the recommended place to order Samsung UN50J6300 or UN50J6200, then We recommend you to Order Samsung UN50J6300 here or if you think Samsung UN50J6200 is more suitable for you, then We recommend you to Order Samsung UN50J6200 here.

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