Samsung UN65J6200 vs UN65H6203 : What’s New on UN65J6200?

Samsung UN65J6200 is the new model of Samsung UN65H6203 and positioned as the basic model of 65-Inch Smart Full HD TV from Samsung’s 2015 lineup. As the new model, you can find that there’re several aspects that remain the same with its older Samsung UN65H6203. But for sure, you can also find some new improvements that installed on the new UN65J6200. What’s the improvement? Is it really a significant improvement? This article try to answer those questions that I’m sure already on your mind before you decide to buy Samsung UN65J6200.

Samsung UN65J6200 : Samsung’s 2015 Basic 65-Inch Smart TV

Samsung UN65J6200

Samsung UN65J6200

If we talk about Samsung UN65J6200 we are talking about the most affordable 65-Inch Smart TV released by Samsung on its 2015 TV lineup. Samsung UN65J6200 comes with 1080p Full HD picture resolution. Although We all know that there’s the new option of 4K UHD resolution as your TV resolution, but Full HD resolution is still on demand on the market. The reason behind that is quite simple as there’s not enough number of original 4K UHD contents on the market. As basic 65-Inch TV, Samsung UN65J6200 is already completed with wide color enhancer to bring wider color spectrum on your TV screen. As part of Samsung’s 2015 TV lineup, you can enjoy the new 2015 Samsung Smart TV as the Smart TV platform of UN65J6200 although We all know that It’s only basic Smart TV. On the refresh rate technology, you can find Motion Rate 120 installed on UN65J6200 that able to bring smooth fast motion images on the TV screen.

Samsung UN65J6200 as basic 65-Inch Smart TV is getting excellent reviews from its buyers. They mostly happy with their purchase. On the picture quality, The customers talk about excellent picture quality that delivered by Samsung UN65J6200, while they only pay for affordable price. On the feature side, They are mostly satisfied with the smart features installed on Samsung UN65J6200. Although some of them talk about standard sound quality, but It can be improved by adding external speakers and they mostly don’t complain about the standard 2Ch 20W speaker system as the price of the TV is affordable for most customers. If you still want to know more about the customers’ comments, you can go ahead and read the comments from Samsung UN65J6200 customers’ here…

Samsung UN65H6203 : Basic 65-Inch Smart TV from Samsung’s 2014 TV Lineup

Samsung UN65H6203

Samsung UN65H6203

Talk about Samsung UN65J6200, We can’t forget its predecessor, Samsung UN65H6203. As the older model, Samsung UN65H6203 is already completed with Wide Color Enhancer to bring enriched color on your TV screen. Samsung UN65H6203 also comes with 1080p Full HD resolution that still able to deliver brilliant picture quality in 65-Inch screen. Samsung UN65H6203 is one of the favorite choice for larger gaming monitor as it’s priced with affordable price as well as able to deliver excellent color details and smooth fast action gaming images.

Samsung UN65H6203 and the H6203 model generally, is getting good feedback from its purchasers. They mostly talk about the beautiful picture quality for the low price that they should pay. They also talk about the ability of the TV to be controlled from Apple and Android devices that called mirroring. Some of them are also shared about the calibration setting that needed to deliver optimum picture details. Are you interested to read more about the customers’ comments? You can read more about the customers’ feedback of Samsung UN65H6203 and commonly H6203 model here…

Samsung UN65J6200 vs UN65H6203 : Similarities and Differences Table

After talk about the short review on UN65J6200 and UN65H6203, let’s move forward take a look on their similarities and difference on these two tables:

Similarity Table

Samsung UN65J6200 Samsung UN65H6203
Screen Size 65-inch 65-inch
Resolution 1080p Full HD 1080p Full HD
Backlight LED LED
Wide Color Enhancer YES YES
3D Feature NO NO
Remote Control Standard Remote Standard Remote
Speaker System 2Ch 20W 2Ch 20W
Built-in Wifi YES YES
HDMI/USB 2/2 2/2
Price Check Best Price Check Best Price

Differences Table

Samsung UN65J6200 Samsung UN65H6203
Smart TV Platform 2015 Samsung Smart TV 2014 Samsung Smart TV
Motion Rate 120 60


The Differences

There’re two big differences betweem Samsung UN65J6200 as the new model and Samsung UN65H6203 as the old model.

1. Smart TV Platform

As We all know, both of Samsung UN65J6200 and UN65H6203 come as Smart TV, more precisely basic Smart TV as It’s not completed with Smart Remote or 3D feature. But They use different Smart TV platform. Samsung UN65J6200 comes with the new 2015 Samsung Smart TV as its Smart TV platform. 2015 Samsung Smart TV comes with big improvement as It’s using Tizen as its operating system. With Tizen OS, more smart apps is able to be run on the TV screen. Additionally the new 2015 Samsung Smart TV is also designed with nicer interface design than the older 2014 Samsung Smart TV.

2. Refresh Rate Technology

Samsung use the new Motion Rate as their standard on measuring how good the refresh rate of the TV. Samsung UN65J6200 get Motion Rate 120, while Samsung UN65H6203 only get Motion Rate 60. Is that really a big difference? In most watching occasion It won’t. But when you are watching fast action movies and sports or even playing heavy action games then you can notice that Samsung UN65J6200 is able to deliver fast motion images smoother than Samsung UN65H6203 with its lower Motion Rate.

Summary : Should You Choose Samsung UN65J6200?

After We talk about Samsung UN65J6200 and UN65H6203, then the next question is should you choose the new Samsung UN65J6200? The answer for that question is definitely Yes for most cases. Samsung UN65J6200 comes with better Smart TV platform and use higher refresh rate technology. In the price side, It’s basically priced at the same price as Samsung UN65H6203. So without doubt very good choice. Where you can order Samsung UN65J6200 for the best deal? You can order Samsung UN65J6200 here to get the Best Deal for it…

So no reason to choose the older Samsung UN65H6203? As Samsung UN65H6203 use the older Smart TV platform and completed with lower Motion Rate, then Samsung UN65H6203 should be priced at the lower price than Samsung UN65J6200. So when you can find Samsung UN65H6203 at significant lower price than Samsung UN65J6200 then you can consider to go with it. You can try to check the best deal for Samsung UN65H6203 Here…

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