Sony KDL55W800C vs KDL55W800B Comparison

KDL55W800C, the newer model of KDL55W800B from Sony is one of the limited choices for 55-Inch Smart TV that still use 1080p Full HD picture resolution. As the new model, Sony KDL55W800C comes with some improvements from the older Sony KDL55W800B, although most of the technology remain the same. As part of the new 2015 lineup, the big improvements of Sony KDL55W800C is the Sony Android TV. Is there any other improvements on the new Sony KDL55W800C? This article talks about the comparison between Sony KDL55W800C and KDL55W800B so that you can be sure about choosing the new model or go with the older model.

The Similar Aspects

Before talking about the similar aspects of the new KDL55W800C and the old KDL55W800B, Let’s take a look at their table of similarity

Sony KDL55W800C Sony KDL55W800B
Screen Size 55-inch 55-inch
Resolution 1080p Full HD 1080p Full HD
Backlight LED (Edge-Lit) LED (Edge-Lit)
X-Reality Pro YES YES
3D Active 3D Active 3D
Built-in Wifi YES YES
HDMI/USB 4/3 4/3

From the table above, We can conclude that basically there are few similar aspects between Sony KDL55W800C and KDL55W800B. The similar aspects are as follow:

1. Picture resolution

Both of the new KDL55W800C and KDL55W800B use 1080p Full HD picture resolution. We are all know that there’s the new 4K UHD resolution as the new option for more brilliant picture on the TV screen. But as We also know there’re still limited number of contents that delivered with original 4K UHD resolution, then Full HD resolution TV remain a good choice for you.

Sony KDL55W800C

Sony KDL55W800C

2. Picture Technology

The picture quality technology behind Sony KDL55W800C is still the same as the picture quality of the older KDL55W800B. They still use Edge-Lit backlight and use X-Reality Pro as its picture engine. With X-Reality Pro picture engine, you can enjoy sharp image details by enhancing color, clarity and contrast on the TV screen.

3. Smart TV with Active 3D

Both of KDL55W800C and KDL55W800B are completed with Smart TV although They use different Smart TV platform. They are also both completed with Active 3D feature. KDL55W800C is one of only few new 2015 released 4K UHD TV that come with Active 3D feature.


The Different Aspects

Besides the similarities between the new and old KDL55W800C and KDL55W800B, there’re also few differences (mostly improvements) between them. The differences between them can be summarized using the table below

Sony KDL55W800C Sony KDL55W800B
Refresh Rate Technology Motionflow XR 960 Motionflow XR 480
Smart TV Platform Sony Android TV Sony Entertainment Network
Remote Control Touchpad Remote Standard Remote

+/- $100 Higher

Check Best Price

+/- $100 Lower

Check Best Price

From the table above, We can see that there’re 4 different aspects between Sony KDL55W800C and KDL55W800B. Let me talk about that one by one

1. Refresh Rate Technology

Each TV manufacturers have their own standard on defining refresh rate technology for their TV. Sony measure refresh rate using Motionflow XR technology. The new KDL55W800C comes with better refresh rate technology named Motionflow XR 960, while the older KDL55W800B use lower Motionflow XR 480 as its refresh rate technology. Is the difference matter? We can say that if you use the TV to watch your favorite movies and sports, you can still enjoy fast motion images both in Motionflow XR 960 and Motionflow XR 480. But when It comes to playing heavy fast action gaming and use the TV as your gaming monitor, you can notice the difference between using Motionflow XR 960 and Motionflow XR 480. With Motionflow XR 960, you can enjoy smoother fast action gaming images than Motionflow XR 480.

Sony KDL55W800B

Sony KDL55W800B

2. Smart TV Platform

Sony use the new Smart TV platform on their 2015 lineup, So as Sony KDL55W800C. Sony KDL55W800C use the new Sony Android TV as its Smart TV platform. With Android based Smart TV platform, you can enjoy more smart functions with the access to huge collection of apps from Android PlayStore. You can also start the other functions such as voice search over android platform on the new KDL55W800C. The new Sony KDL55W800C is also Google Cast ready. Basically you can experience significant improvements of the Smart TV technology from Sony Entertainment Network to Sony Android TV.

3. Remote Control

Sony KDL55W800C is completed with touchpad remote control that basically able to help you to do more smart works on controlling your TV. The new touchpad remote control is also completed with built-in microphone to help you search for any contents and apps faster with the support of Android Voice Search platform. The older Sony KDL55W800B is only use standard remote that only able to control the TV using standard commands.

4. Price

If We should talk about improvements, then this is the only difference that can’t be categorized as improvements as the new KDL55W800C is priced at a little more expensive price. It’s priced about $100 more than the older Sony KDL55W800B.

Conclusion: Should You Consider the new Sony KDL55W800C?

Sony KDL55W800C as the new model is introduced as part of Sony’s 2015 TV lineup and priced with around $100 more expensive price. Is It worth the money? With Additional $100, you can enjoy much better Android based Smart TV platform that completed with the new touchpad remote control. You can also enjoy better refresh rate technology that allow you to play your favorite action games with smoother fast action images. So in my opinion It’s worth the additional $100 that you should pay. It’s proved by the customers’ feedback that mostly talk about great picture quality with vibrant and lifelike color. They also talk about the excellent gaming pictures and recommend Sony KDL55W800C if you are gaming enthusiast. Read more about their comments on Sony KDL55W800C here. If you are ready to order one, I recommend you to order one here so that you can get the best deal for your Sony KDL55W800C.

Sony KDL55W800B that comes as the older model is indeed a good option as well. It comes with almost the same picture quality as the new KDL55W800C. The only differences are the Smart TV platform, its remote control and the refresh rate technology. Sony KDL55W800B is a good option if you have more limited budget, even you can also consider if It’s priced at more than $100 lower. The customers are also greatly appreciated Sony KDL55W800B for its vibrant color and beautiful picture details. It’s also easy to setup TV for optimum result. You can take your time and see how the customers’ satisfied with their KDL55W800B purchase here. If you consider Sony KDL55W800B as your choice, you can check here to see how low you can get for Sony KDL55W800B.

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