Vizio E40-C2 vs E400i-B2 Review

Vizio E40-C2 as the new model of E400i-B2 is one of the bestselling TV in 2015. As a member of Vizio E-Series, Vizio E40-C2 comes with 1080p Full HD resolution that become more limited in 2015. Vizio E40-C2 considered as the new model of E400i-B2 as there’re several aspects that remain the same on the new model when We compare it to the older model. So what’s actually different on the new model? That’s a common question that asked by the customer interested in Vizio E40-C2. This review try to answer that question so that you can be sure to choose Vizio E40-C2 as your home TV.

Vizio E40-C2 : Important Things to Know

Vizio E40-C2

Vizio E40-C2

If you are asking what’s the bestselling Smart TV for 2015, We have to admit that Vizio E40-C2 is one of them. Why It becomes one of the bestselling Smart TV? The reason is simple. It’s able to deliver good Smart entertainment and good picture quality in affordable price. Vizio E40-C2 still use Full-Array LED Backlight, the technology widely used by Vizio LED TV. The Full-Array LED Backlight is completed with Active LED Zones. You can find 5 Active LED Zones on Vizio E40-C2. With combination of Full-Array LED Backlight and Active LED Zones, you can enjoy sharp image details in 1080p Full HD resolution with vibrant color contrast on screen. For Smart TV platform, Vizio is still rely on its Vizio Internet Apps Plus. Vizio Internet Apps Plus is not as awesome as Samsung Smart TV but It simply works on delivering premium contents to your home.

How’s the customers response to Vizio E40-C2? Although Vizio E40-C2 is priced at relatively lower price for 40-Inch Smart Full HD TV, but It’s actually able to satisfy its customers. It’s proved with excellent ratings it get from the customers. The customers talked about outstanding picture quality as well as thin bezel of the model. They also said about the picture settings for optimal picture on the TV. The Smart TV although It’s not the best compare to other brands but It’s simply able to deliver premium entertainment to the TV screen. Are you eager to know more about the customers reviews? You can see the complete reviews from the customers of Vizio E40-C2 and the 2015 E-Series in general here…

Vizio E400i-B2 : Key Aspects to Know

Vizio E400i-B2

Vizio E400i-B2

One of the most popular choice for 40-Inch Smart Full HD TV from 2014 TV lineup is Vizio E400i-B2. As one of the most popular choice for middle sized Smart TV, Vizio E400i-B2 is not the best in delivering picture quality and smart entertainment. It’s simply able to deliver premium entertainment with its Vizio Internet Apps Plus that relatively standard compared to other Smart TV platform. It also can deliver good picture quality to your home with Full-Array LED Backlight and Active LED Zones, although you maybe can find better TV that can deliver better picture quality. And for sure It’s priced with very reasonable price that attract customers to bring this TV home. Vizio E400i-B2 is also completed with second screen interactivity that give you option to control your TV screen using your tablets or mobile phones for multi-screen viewing experience.

Vizio E400i-B2 is rated mostly with excellent feedback from its customers. What the customers said about Vizio E400i-B2 and the 2014 E-Model? They talked about sharp image details and deeper contrast on the screen. They also commented on the beautiful thin bezel and pointed Vizio E400i-B2 as one of the best choice for bedroom TV. The other customer also talk about the easy set up of the TV. If you are interested in what they said about Vizio E400i-B2 and the other 2014 E-Model, you can see more about their reviews on this page…

Key Specs Comparison

Vizio E40-C2 Vizio E400i-B2
Introduced January 2015 January 2014
Screen Size 40-inch 40-inch
Resolution 1080p Full HD 1080p Full HD
Backlight Full-Array LED Full-Array LED
Active LED Zones 5 5
Refresh Rate Clear Action 240 Clear Action 180
Smart Platform Vizio Internet Apps Plus Vizio Internet Apps Plus
Remote Control Standard Remote Standard Remote
Built-in Wifi YES YES
Speaker System 2Ch 20W 2Ch 20W
HDMI/USB 2/1 3/1

Check Best Price

Check Best Price


What’re Their Differences?

As the new and old model, there’re a lot of aspects between Vizio E40-C2 and Vizio E400i-B2 that remain the same. The question is what are their differences? There’re at least two differences between the new Vizio E40-C2 and its predecessor Vizio E400i-B2. Let’s talk about it

1. Refresh Rate Technology

There’re some complain about the smoothness of fast action images on Vizio E400i-B2. Vizio hear that. They improve the refresh rate technology from Clear Action 180 into Clear Action 240. With higher Clear Action technology installed on the new model, you can enjoy smoother fast motion images on the TV screen than what you can get on the older model.

2. TV Design

I’m quite sure that some people doesn’t consider design as their buying factor. But a lot of people consider design as their buying factor. For that reason, Vizio upgrade their boring design that already used for few years into the new design with two leg V-stand design. With the new design, you can be sure to get a better look on your TV that match the interior of your home.

Why You Should Consider the New Model?

Vizio E40-C2 from the new E-Series Model comes as replacement model of Vizio E400i-B2 from the older 2014 E-Series Model. Why you should consider Vizio E40-C2 as your choice? Vizio E40-C2 comes as improvement from the older Vizio E400i-B2. While Vizio E400i-B2 comes as one of the popular choice for middle sized Smart Full HD TV, Vizio E40-C2 also becomes one of the bestselling model for middle sized Smart Full HD TV for 2015. Vizio E40-C2 also receive relatively better customers feedback than the older Vizio E400i-B2. With higher refresh rate technology and better design, while the price is still relatively the same, you have more reasons to go with the new Vizio E40-C2. Is there any recommended place to Order? You can order Vizio E40-C2 at the best deal here…

Can you still consider Vizio E400i-B2? for most case the answer is No. It’s better to go with the new Vizio E40-C2. But in special situation in which you can find Vizio E400i-B2 at significant lower price and you are indeed in more limited budget, then you can consider Vizio E400i-B2 as your choice. Although It’s the older model with less smooth fast motion images and older TV design but basically It’s still a good TV that have good feedback from Its customers. So where to check the price for Vizio E400i-B2? You can try to check the current price of Vizio E400i-B2 here…

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