Vizio E32-C1 vs E32h-C1 Comparison

Vizio E32-C1 and E32h-C1 are two choices that must be on your mind when you are looking for basic 32-Inch Smart TV for your bedroom. As part of the new 2015 Vizio E-Series, Vizio E32-C1 and E32hC1 are able to bring excellent picture quality to your home. They also able to bring premium entertainment with the Vizio Internet Apps Plus that installed on those two TVs along with built-in wifi that make it easy to connect to internet using your home network. The question is which of those two TVs more suitable for your bedroom or kitchen? This comparison help you to find which of those TVs is suitable for your smaller rooms at your home.

A Short glance about Vizio E32-C1

Vizio E32-C1

Vizio E32-C1

If you already follow the HDTV technology this few years, maybe you have noticed that one of the bestselling model of HDTV these years is Vizio’s E-Series. In 2015 Vizio introduce the new 2015 model 32-Inch screen size E-Series named E32-C1. Vizio comes with 1080p Full HD picture resolution. Although there’s newer 4K UHD as the option for picture resolution, for small sized TV less than 32-Inch there’s no big difference on the picture result. Vizio E32-C1 still use the same technology from previous Vizio lineup by using Full-Array LED backlight that completed with Clear Action 240. The Full Array LED Backlight bring brilliant picture quality with Full HD resolution in 32-Inch screen. While Clear Action 240 make sure that you can enjoy smooth fast action images on the TV screen. Vizio E32-C1 use standard Vizio Internet Apps Plus as its Smart TV platform. Although It’s pretty basic Smart TV, but It’s still able to bring premium entertainment to your home with the help of built-in wifi that connect to your home network without any problems.

In the customers’ perspective, The new 2015 Vizio E-Series is a great choice for Full HD resolution Smart TV. They said that It’s not a perfect choice but It simply works great along with its affordable price. They also said that besides good picture quality, They also can experience easy smart entertainment with the Vizio Internet Apps Plus Smart TV platforms. Based on some customers, It’s a basic Smart TV platform while other said It’s enough for their smart entertainment needs. Do you want to know more about Vizio E32-C1 and other 2015 Vizio E-Series from the customers’ perspective? You can read more Vizio E32-C1 and the other Vizio E-Series customers’ reviews here…

Short Introduction on Vizio E32h-C1

Vizio E32h-C1

Vizio E32h-C1

If you are looking for the cheapest 32-Inch Smart TV then the answer goes easily to Vizio E32h-C1. Vizio E32h-C1 comes as part of 2015 Vizio E-Series. It’s released by Vizio to give alternative for the most affordable 32-Inch Smart LED TV in the market. While It’s only coming with 720p picture resolution, but It’s still able to deliver good picture quality. Some people said that there’s no big difference between watching 720p HD contents and 1080p Full HD contents on 32-Inch screen or less. That’s right in most watching occasion. Besides that Vizio E32h-C1 only installed with 720p HD picture resolution, It’s completed with the same Full-Array LED Backlight. The Full-Array LED Backlight is able to deliver brilliant picture quality on the TV screen. Vizio E32h-C1 is installed with 60Hz effective refresh rate. Is that enough? It’s not an ideal refresh rate, but It’s enough to watch your favorite contents on 32-Inch screen TV.

How the customers to their Vizio E32h-C1 purchase? Mostly the customers are satisfied with their purchase. They are talking about the good picture quality even though It’s only 720p HD in resolution. They also talk about the Vizio Internet Apps Smart TV platform that even though It’s basic still can deliver premium entertainment to your home with its built-in wifi. Are you still eager to know more about the customers’ feedback on Vizio E-Series in general? You can find the customers’ feedback on the new 2015 Vizio E-Series here…

Specs Table

After seeing the short review about Vizio E32-C1 and Vizio E32h-C1, let’s move forward and take a look on their specs comparison using the table below

Vizio E32-C1 Vizio E32-C1
Introduced January 2015 January 2015
Screen Size 32-inch 32-inch
Resolution 1080p Full HD 720p HD
Backlight Full-Array LED Backlight Full-Array LED Backlight
Effective Refresh Rate 120Hz 60Hz
Smart TV Vizio Internet Apps Plus Vizio Internet Apps Plus
Remote Control Standard Remote / XRT122 Standard Remote / XRT122
3D Feature NO NO
Built-in Wifi YES YES
Speaker System 2Ch 10W 2Ch 10W
HDMI/USB 2/1 2/1
Price +/- $20 More Expensive

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+/- $20 Less Expensive

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What are Their Differences?

1. Picture Resolution

As the technology advancement, Today the recent standard TV resolution is switched to 4K UHD. But for 32-Inch screen TV, most people agree that our eyes can distinct the difference between picture of Full HD resolution and 4K UHD resolution in 32-Inch screen size. So the Full HD resolution is still a perfect choice for 32-Inch screen size. In that case, Vizio E32-C1 becomes the bestselling small sized Smart TV in 2015 because of its Full HD resolution that combined with its basic Smart TV. In the other side, Vizio E32h-C1 use 720pHD resolution on its screen. Is that good enough? Yes, It’s enough but still not that good to deliver perfect picture quality in 32-Inch screen. Full HD resolution is still able to deliver better picture quality in 32-Inch screen along with playing the native 1080p Full HD contents perfectly.

2. Refresh Rate

Refresh rate is a factor that you should take a look if you are looking for perfect fast motion screen on your TV screen. Vizio E32-C1 comes with 120Hz effective refresh rate, while Vizio E32h-C1 comes with only 60Hz refresh rate. 120Hz refresh rate is able to bring smoother fast action movies and sports on your TV screen, while It’s also able to give you smoother gaming screen if you want to use it as your gaming monitor.

3. Price

There’s a price difference between Vizio E32-C1 and E32h-C1. But We must frankly to say that the price difference is not significant. In general Vizio E32-C1 is priced at around $20 more expensive than E32h-C1. It’s not a significant difference compared to the differences on the specs between those two TVs.

Which One to Choose?

After talking about the comparison between Vizio E32-C1 and E32h-C1, We can say that there are differences on the picture resolution, refresh rate technology and a little difference on the price between those two TVs. Vizio E32-C1 that currently one of the bestselling small sized LED TV is introduced with better 1080p Full HD picture resolution and use higher 120Hz effective refresh rate while It’s only priced at around $20 more expensive price. If you are a normal buyer that don’t have any problem with spending additional $20 for better picture than you should go ahead with Vizio E32-C1. Is there any recommended place to order? You can order Vizio E32-C1 Here…

In the other hand, Vizio E32h-C1 that comes with $20 lower in price use only 720p HD resolution and 60Hz effective refresh rate. While It’s not recommended, but you can save a little budget by choosing Vizio E32h-C1. This is the choice when you really think $20 is a lot for better resolution and refresh rate technology. When you think that you should save $20 for your next 32-Inch Smart TV and you don’t really care about better resolution and refresh rate for additional $20 then you can go ahead with Vizio E32h-C1. Where you should buy it? You can order Vizio E32h-C1 here…

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