Samsung UN40J5200 vs UN40H5203 : What’s the Improvement on UN40J5200?

If you are looking for basic 40-Inch Smart TV, Samsung UN40J5200 that basically come as the replacement model of Samsung UN40H5203 is the choice that you should consider. It comes with affordable price while It still can deliver good picture quality as well as bring premium entertainment to your home. There’re few aspects of Samsung UN40J5200 that still the same with Samsung UN40H5203, while few other aspects you can find some improvements as well. If you are interested in Samsung UN40J5200 as your TV choice, I’m quite sure that you want to know what’s the improvement of the new Samsung UN40J5200. Don’t you? This article will try to answer that question for you.

Samsung UN40J5200 (UN40J5200AFXZA): The Basic 40-Inch Full HD Smart TV from 2015 Lineup

Samsung UN40J5200

Samsung UN40J5200

Samsung UN40J5200 is positioned as basic Smart TV. It comes with very affordable price while It still use Full HD screen resolution. It comes with mainly the same picture technology with the older H5203. It use Wide Color Enhancer to deliver enriched colors to your TV screen. As part of the new 2015 Samsung lineup, Samsung UN40J5200 use the new version of 2015 Samsung Smart TV as its Smart TV platform. 2015 Samsung Smart TV use Tizen as its OS. With Tizen as its OS, you can run more Smart Apps that based on Tizen OS.

Samsung UN40J5200 is one of the top 10 bestselling LED TV in 2015. It means that people trust Samsung UN40J5200 as their next 40-Inch TV. How’s the feedback from the customers that already purchase Samsung UN40J5200? Most of the customers are satisfied with their purchase. It can be seen from the accumulative customers ratings of Samsung UN40J5200. The customers are mostly talk about the great picture quality. The sound quality also good enough for most customers. The other customers also talk about smart TV platform and They said that It can deliver premium entertainment without any problems. I’m quite sure that you want to know more about the actual customers’ reviews. You can find the customers comments on Samsung UN40J5200 here…

Samsung UN40H5203 (UN40H5203FXZA) : The Basic 40-Inch Full HD Smart TV from 2014 Lineup

Samsung UN40H5203

Samsung UN40H5203

Samsung UN40H5203 is one of the bestselling 40-Inch Smart TV from 2014 lineup. Samsung UN40H5203 is indeed positioned as basic Smart TV that comes with Full HD resolution, but It still can deliver good picture quality as well as running Smart entertainment with the older 2014 Samsung Smart TV. Samsung UN40H5203 comes with Wide Color Enhancer as its color technology, while It use Motion Rate 60 as its refresh rate technology. Motion Rate 60 is quite good to handle fast motion images in 40-Inch screen.

How’s the response of the customers after their Samsung UN40H5203 purchase? Mostly the customers are satisfied with the purchase. The mostly talk about the great picture quality that delivered by the TV although It’s priced at the lower price. They also talk about the Smart TV platform and said that the Smart TV platform works fine without any problems. The sound is also good enough and acceptable for most of the customers. If you are looking for more feedback from the customers, You can visit this page and read more Samsung UN40H5203 customers’ comments…

Specs Comparison of Samsung UN40J5200 vs UN40H5203

Before We talk about the improvements of Samsung UN40J5200 from Samsung UN40H5203, Let’s see their specs comparison first using the table below

Samsung UN40J5200 Samsung UN40H5203
Screen Size 40-inch 40-inch
Resolution 1080p Full HD 1080p Full HD
Backlight LED LED
Wide Color Enhancer YES YES
Refresh Rate Motion Rate 60 Motion Rate 60
Remote Control Standard Remote Standard Remote
3D Feature NO NO
Speaker System 2Ch 20W 2Ch 20W
Built-in Wifi YES YES
Introduced June 2015 May 2014
Smart TV Platform 2015 Samsung Smart TV 2014 Samsung Smart TV
HDMI/USB 2/1 2/2
Price +/- $50 Lower

Check Best Price

+/- $50 Higher

Check Best Price


Samsung UN40J5200 vs UN40H5203 Key Improvements

After looking at the table above, We can see that there’re are differences on the Smart TV platform, number of USB inputs and the price. We can say that Smart TV Platform and the price are improvements of Samsung UN40J5200 from its predecessor Samsung UN40H5203.

Samsung UN40J5200 as the newer model comes with the new 2015 Samsung Smart TV. The new 2015 Samsung Smart TV comes with the Tizen as its OS. With Tizen OS, you can run more smart Apps on Samsung UN40J5200 screen than what you can do with Samsung UN40H5203 screen.

In the Price aspect, you can find that Samsung UN40J5200 is also more affordable in price than Samsung UN40H5203. It comes with around $50 lower in price than its older model. Looks like Samsung is trying to make their new basic 40-Inch Smart Full HD TV more affordable for people that needs 40-Inch basic Smart TV.

The only cons that maybe noticed is the new model that comes with only 1 USB input. For most people It won’t be a problem. It just become a little problem for anyone that plan to connect few devices using USB inputs at the same time. If you don’t plan to connect few devices using USB inputs at the same time then It shouldn’t be a problem with the new Samsung UN40J5200. Additionally, You can also use 2 HDMI inputs instead.

Should You Choose Samsung UN40J5200?

After seeing the differences of the new Samsung UN40J5200 and the older Samsung UN40H5203, We can see that for most case, We should go ahead with Samsung UN40J5200. It’s installed with the new 2015 Samsung Smart TV as its Smart TV platform, while It’s also priced at $50 lower in price. It indeed just comes with 1 USB input, but for most cases, It won’t be a problem since there are 2 others HDMI inputs. So if you are looking for the new model with the new Smart TV platform that also priced at a little lower price, then you should go ahead with Samsung UN40J5200. Where’s the recommended place to order one? You can order Samsung UN40J5200 here…

In any special case that you need more USB inputs then you can consider Samsung UN40H5203 as your choice. You can also consider Samsung UN40H5203 when you can find it priced at the lower price than Samsung UN40J5200 through big sale or closeout discount that maybe offered by some retailer since It comes from the older lineup year. If you are looking for the recommended place to order Samsung UN40H5203, then you can go ahead and order Samsung UN40H5203 here…


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