Samsung UN32J5500 vs UN32J5205 : Are There any Differences Between Them?

In Samsung’s 2015 TV lineup, We can find Samsung UN32J5500 and UN32J5205 as two choices for 32-Inch basic Smart TV. They are both utilized with the new 2015 Samsung Smart TV. With the new 2015 Samsung Smart TV, You can enjoy your favorite premium contents easily. There’re few aspects of Samsung UN32J5500 and UN32J5205 that similar. Is there any difference between them? I’m quite sure that you need to know their differences so that you can be sure on which of them is the one that you should bring home.

Samsung UN32J5500 (UN32J5500AFXZA) Review

Samsung UN32J5500

Samsung UN32J5500

Samsung UN32J5500 can be easily recognize as the replacement model for Samsung UN32H5500 from H5500 model of Samsung’s 2014 lineup. Samsung UN32J5500 is a screen size variation of Samsung J5500 model. Samsung UN32J5500 is less popular than other variation (UN40J5500, UN48J5500 and UN50J5500). Samsung UN32J5500 comes with wide color enhancer as its main color technology. With Wide Color Enhancer, It can deliver wider color spectrum on the TV screen. The refresh rate technology that used by this TV is the basic one, Motion Rate 60. It’s the third grade Motion Rate after Motion Rate 240 and 120. Although It’s only Motion Rate 60, but It still can deliver smooth fast motion images in 32-Inch screen. For the Smart TV platform, Samsung UN32J5500 use 2015 Samsung Smart TV that based on Tizen OS.

The next thing that We should cover is the customers’ reviews of this TV. Most of the customers of Samsung UN32J5500 are satisfied with their purchase. They said that the TV is able to deliver great sharp picture quality. It also perfect to be placed on smaller space at home based some feedback. The Smart TV platform also works excellent with great price that should be paid. The sound is a bit underwhelming based on few customers experience. But It’s easily solved with additional soundbar that can deliver more powerful surround sound. Interested to know their feedback further? You can find the customers’ reviews of Samsung UN32J5500 here…

Samsung UN32J5205 (UN32J5205AFXZA) Review

Samsung UN32J5205

Samsung UN32J5205

If you already hear about Samsung UN32H5203 from Samsung’s 2014 lineup, then you can make a guess that Samsung UN32J5205 is the replacement model for that. Yes, It’s true. Samsung UN32J205 is introduced as the replacement model for Samsung UN32H5203. Samsung UN32J5205 is one of the bestselling TV from 2015 lineup. It’s the most affordable Smart TV that you can find from Samsung’s 2015 lineup. Samsung UN32J5205 use 2015 Samsung Smart TV that use Tizen as its OS. With Tizen OS, you can run more Smart Apps on the TV screen as more and more smart apps are created to run on Tizen. Samsung UN32J5205 also use Wide Color Enhancer as its color technology. Wide Color Enhancer is able to deliver more accurate color details on the TV screen. Samsung UN32J5205 is indeed only use Motion Rate 60, but It’s still able to deliver smooth fast motion images in 32-Inch screen.

How’s the customers’ experience with Samsung UN32J5205? Most of the customers are satisfied with the TV that They purchased, especially for its picture quality. Some customers’ also talked about the sound quality that’s good for them. The Smart TV platform also works excellent based on their experience. They also said that the setup of this TV is also easy to set up. I’m quite sure that you need to know more about this TV’s customers reviews. You can find out Samsung UN32J5205 customers’ reviews here…

Similarities and Differences Table

Before We move further and talk about the differences of Samsung UN32J5500 and UN32J5205, It’s a good idea to see the specs of those two TVs quickly using the similarities and differences table below.

Samsung UN32J5500 Samsung UN32J5205
Screen Size 32-inch 32-inch
Resolution 1080p Full HD 1080p Full HD
Backlight LED LED
Wide Color Enhancer YES YES
Refresh Rate Motion Rate 60 Motion Rate 60
Smart TV Platform 2015 Samsung Smart TV 2015 Samsung Smart TV
Remote Control Standard Remote Standard Remote
3D Feature NO NO
Speaker System 2Ch 20W 2Ch 20W
Built-in Wifi YES YES
Quad-Core Processor YES NO
Bluetooth YES NO
HDMI/USB 3/2 2/1
Price +/- $70 Higher

Check Today’s Price

+/- $70 Lower

Check Best Offer


Are There any Differences Between Them?

After looking at the comparison table above, We can easily answer that question with YES. But I’m quite sure that you want to know more about the details of their differences. Let’s talk more about that.

The most important differences of Samsung UN32J5500 and UN32J5205 are quad-core processor, bluetooth and HDMI/USB inputs. There’s also difference on the price as well for sure as there’re few feature differences between them.

Samsung UN32J5500 is better with its quad-core processor, bluetooth and more HDMI/USB inputs. Samsung UN32J5205 is not completed with any quad-core processor and it’s also not completed with any Bluetooth as well. When It comes to HDMI/USB, They also have different number of HDMI/USB. Samsung UN32J5500 comes with 3 HDMI and 2 USB, while Samsung UN32J5205 comes with 2 HDMI and 1 USB.

With quad-core processor, you can run your favorite Smart Apps and heavier apps faster on Samsung UN32J5500. You also have more connection option with bluetooth that enable to make the TV to mobile and mobile to TV connection easier. With more HDMI and USB inputs, you have the ability to connect more devices at the same time to your TV. It means that you can connect more devices at the same time on Samsung UN32J5500 than what you can do on Samsung UN32J5205.

In the other hand, you can find that Samsung UN32J5205 is priced at around $70 lower. When We talk about percentage, Samsung UN32J5500 is priced at around 25% higher. As we talk about the basic LED TV, I’m quite sure that $70 is important for most customers with limited budget.

Samsung UN32J5500 vs UN32J5205 : Which One to Choose?

We have talked about Samsung UN32J5500 and UN32J5205 and find that Samsung UN32J5500 is better with its quad-core processor, bluetooth and more HDMI/USB inputs. If you are looking for better 32-Inch basic Smart TV, then you should consider to go ahead with Samsung UN32J5500. It’s indeed around $70 more in price, but you can get better experience with faster processor, more connection with bluetooth and more HDMI/USB inputs. Where to order one? You can order Samsung UN32J5500 here…

If you have more limited budget and you only need basic Smart TV, Samsung UN32J5205 is the one that you should consider. It’s indeed not completed with quad-core processor, no bluetooth and less HDMI/USB inputs, but basically you can get the same picture quality and the same level of Smart TV platform on Samsung UN32J5205 with around 25% lower in price. Where’s the recommended place to order one? You can consider to order Samsung UN32J5205 here…

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  1. Keith Aderman says:

    One of the biggest differences between these two sets has not been mentioned. The UN-32j5500 has the ability to respond to discrete power-on, power-off, and input commands from an integrated remote control. For some unknown reason, with the 5205, Samsung has eliminated that very important feature. That means the 5205 would not work properly if you wanted to have one remote that operates all of your components.

    The odd thing is that Samsung had to deliberately remove this function. Almost all Samsung TVs have had discrete commands for years, but now they have gone to the trouble of down-grading their lower level sets by developing a second chip-set or firmware that eliminates the discrete command function. This could have been gross ignorance or someone’s “clever” ploy to get people to buy one of the more expensive models, which still have the discrete functions. Unfortunately, most people don’t know the difference until they try to program an integrated remote control to operate all of their equipment. I have found that even people in the stores don’t yet know about it. By the time customers figure it out, it will be too late to return it.

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