Samsung UN40K5100 vs UN40J5200 Similarities & Differences

If You are looking for basic 40-Inch LED with 1080p Full HD resolution, You can consider Samsung UN40K5100 and UN40J5200 as your options. Samsung UN40K5100 comes as part of Samsung’s 2016 TV lineup, while Samsung UN40J5200 was introduced as part of 2015 lineup. Although We can’t call Samsung UN40K5100 and UN40J5200 as direct successor-predecessor model, but I guess you are a little confused on which model would you choose. Let’s talk about the similarities and differences of those two models before deciding which of them is more suitable as your choice.

What are Their Similarities?

Samsung UN40K5100

Samsung UN40K5100

There are several similarities that you can find between Samsung UN40K5100 and UN40J5200. Let’s talk more about those similarities.

1. 1080p Full HD Resolution

1080p Full HD TV become more limited nowadays. But for 40-Inch screen, 1080p Full HD is still a good choice as there’s no big difference that your eyes can really notice between 4K UHD resolution and 1080p Full HD resolution. In 40-Inch screen 1080p Full HD resolution is able to deliver brilliant picture quality to your home.

2. Wide Color Enhancer

Samsung use Wide Color Enhancer on most of its 1080p Full HD LED TV. Wide Color Enhancer is also used by both Samsung UN40K5100 and UN40J5200. With Wide Color Enhancer, you can enjoy enriched color details as what the director intended.

3. Motion Rate 60

Samsung measure its refresh rate quality using Motion Rate term. Samsung UN40K5100 and UN40J5200 come with basic refresh rate, Motion rate 60. Motion Rate 60 is the most basic refresh rate of Samsung LED TV. Although It’s quite basic, but It still can deliver smooth fast motion images in 40-Inch screen with Full HD resolution.

4. Speaker System

The speaker system that installed on Samsung UN40K5100 and UN40J5200 are similar. They use 2Ch 20W speaker system. We should say that 2Ch 20W is basic speaker system from Samsung LED TV. But for 40-Inch LED TV, 2Ch 20W speaker system is enough to deliver good sound quality to match your 40-Inch 1080p Full HD picture quality.

5. HDMI/USB with ConnectShare

Samsung UN40K5100 and UN40J5200 come with HDMI and USB inputs. They come with the same 2 HDMI and 1 USB inputs. Additionally They also come with ConnectShare functions that give you ability to play your favorite media (watch videos, view photos and play music) on your TV screen using from the USB storage that connected through the TV’s USB inputs.

The similarities of Samsung UN40K5100 and UN50J5200 can be summarized with the table below.

Samsung UN40K5100
Samsung UN40J5200
Screen Size 40-inch 40-inch
Resolution 1080p Full HD 1080p Full HD
Backlight LED LED
Wide Color Enhancer YES YES
Refresh Rate Motion Rate 60 Motion Rate 60
Remote Control Standard Remote Standard Remote
3D Feature NO NO
Speaker System 2Ch 20W 2Ch 20W
HDMI/USB 2/1 2/1


What are Their Differences?

Samsung UN40J5200

Samsung UN40J5200

Besides those similarities, there are also few differences that you can find between Samsung UN40K5100 and UN50J200. What are their differences? Let’s discuss together.

1. Smart TV Platform

Samsung UN40K5100 is not completed with Smart TV Platform, while the older Samsung UN40J5200 is completed with Smart TV platform. With Smart TV platform that installed on Samsung UN40J5200, you can enjoy premium entertainment form your favorite content providers, while you should add additional Smart TV devices on Samsung UN40K5100 to enjoy your favorite premium entertainment. Full Web Browser is also installed on Samsung UN40K5100 that help you to browse the web easily. You can go to your favorite channels news or see for the latest offers from your favorite online shop on the TV’s big screen.

2. Built-in Wifi

As the pair of Smart TV platform, Samsung UN40J5200 is completed with built-in wifi. While Samsung UN40K5100 that doesn’t come with any Smart TV platform is also not completed with any built-in wifi. With built-in Wifi that attached on Samsung UN40J5200, you can connect to the internet without any hassle using your home network.

3. Price

Samsung UN40K5100 is positioned at slightly lower model than Samsung UN40J5200. It’s also introduced at slightly lower in price as well. You can find that Samsung UN40K5100 is at this time commonly priced at around $30 lower than Samsung UN40J5200. While We all know that price of LED TV is not fixed as It’s always changed over time, but usually you can find Samsung UN40K5100 is priced at the lower price than Samsung UN40K5100.

The differences of Samsung UN40K5100 and UN40J5200 can be depicted using the table below

Samsung UN40K5100
Samsung UN40J5200
Introduced May 2016 June 2015
Built-in Wifi YES NO
Price +/- $30 Less

Check Best Offer

+/- $30 More

Check Today’s Price

Which of Them is More Suitable for You?

After our discussion above, We can see that Samsung UN40K5100 is the model that positioned as the lower model than Samsung UN40J5200. It comes without any Smart TV and built-in wifi. Samsung UN40K5100 is a good choice for you if you don’t need any built-in Smart TV and built-in Wifi on your new 40-Inch LED TV. Why you don’t need any Smart TV platform and built-in wifi? I’m quite sure that some customers simply want 40-Inch LED TV for their gaming monitor or They prefer to use external Smart TV devices such as Roku TV or Apple TV. You can indeed a little budget by choosing Samsung UN40K5100 that comes without any Smart TV and Built-in Wifi. How’s the customers’ feedback about Samsung UN40K5100? The customers’ response are mostly positive, you can check out their reviews on Samsung UN40K5100 here…

How about Samsung UN40J5200? It’s the better choice for you if you are looking for Built-in Smart TV and Wifi on your next 40-Inch LED TV. With Smart TV and built-in wifi, you can connect to your favorite content providers to enjoy the contents you loved anytime you want it. Samsung UN40J5200 is just a little more expensive than Samsung UN40K5100 that shouldn’t be a problem for most customers. Additionally, from the customers’ perspective, Samsung UN40J5200 is one of the favorite choice for customers’ 40-Inch LED TV and It received excellent customers’ ratings that proved the quality of this TV model. You can consider to find out more about Samsung UN40J5200 customers’ comments on this page…

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